Skystreakers Aerobatics Training Program

Summer 2007


Program Description:


This summer Dave Martin and I discussed starting a basic aerobatic training program. Ray Labonte had already come up with the idea of using one of our IMAC models on a buddy box to give guys an introduction to flying aerobatics with an advanced aerobatic model. This hand-out is designed to provide some guidance on flying the Scale Aerobatics (IMAC) Basic Sequence. This summer we will have instruction for those interested on Sundays at 1PM at the Skystreakers field. We will probably start in July and post the Sundays that we plan to have training at Ray & Robin’s Hobby Center. The goal will be to train interested flyers to be ready to fly the IMAC Basic sequence at Tom Chabot’s IMAC contest this summer… not sure of the date yet. To enter the basic class a scale aerobatics model is not required. You can use any sport model capable of the basic maneuvers.


Links to .pdf Training Material:


  1. Aresti Made Simple
  2. Aresti Dictionary
  3. Aresti for the 2007 Basic Known (both directions)
  4. Peter Goldsmith on Aircraft Trimming
  5. Flying Manual QQ Yak-54
  6. Judging Reference Card 2005-2006


Additional References:


Look on the Miniature Scale Aerobatics (IMAC) web site for additional information.

Direct Link to IMAC Training:


The AMA rules governing the IMAC event can be found on the AMA web site. You will also find the IMAC judges guide in the AMA rules for the event.   (Start on Page 88, “Scale Aerobatics”)


Contact Bill Lairsey, Maine IMAC Chapter 82 Representative if you have any additional questions , or to sign up for the program… After sign up you will get direct e-mails on training date changes, additional training info, etc. E-Mail: