Preparing for Trainer Night

As previously mentioned, during the 30 day Introductory Pilot Program, all that is required is that the

student arrive on time and be ready to learn. ( When not actually flying, there is much that can be

learned by watching and listening. ) After that introductory period students should bring their own

trainer and support gear.

Full scale pilots use a checklist to be sure that the aircraft is ready for takeoff. The following is a

checklist that can be used to get ready for Trainer Night:

____ Airworthy trainer

____ Transmitter batteries fully charged

____ Receiver ( and motor, if electric ) batteries fully charged

____ Elastics ( or bolts ) to hold the wing on

____ Adequate fuel ( or batteries if electric motor powered) for three training flights

____ Electric starter or a “chicken stick”

____ Glo driver charged and ready

____ Basic tools that may be needed for adjustments and minor repairs

____ Extra prop

____ Windex and paper towels or rags for cleaning fuel residue.

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