General Training Information: 

Training night is held every Wednesday evening from 5:00 P.M. until dusk, weather permitting, from May through September, at the Skystreakers Field  to give members, and those interested in becoming members, proper instruction and training. 


The club’s training system of using instructors and 'buddy boxes' ( transmitters connected to the instructor’s transmitter) allows people to  learn to fly with a very reduced risk of injury to themselves, their plane, and to by-standers. 


 Prior to joining the club, interested individuals are welcome to come to the airfield on Wednesday evenings to participate in the club’s Introductory Pilot Program, using your airplane or one of the club owned trainers.


The Introductory Pilot Program allows persons to receive hands on flying instruction for a 30 day period which gives ample time for a prospective pilot to decide whether or not they enjoy flying and wish to continue. 


During the 30 day Introductory Pilot Program, students are welcome to fly with an instructor using the club’s trainers and equipment.


Those wishing to continue on need to plan to do the following, either during or soon after the 30 day introductory period:


1.      Since the Skystreakers club is chartered by the Academy of Model Aeronautics ( AMA ), all flying members are required to be AMA members. 

                 For more information, visit the AMA’s Web site at:


2.      After the 30 day introductory period, students should bring their own trainer, with transmitter, to fly .( Club buddy boxes may be used.)


3.      Be aware that each student’s plane will be subjected to a first time safety check by a club instructor before it is allowed to fly.


4.      Be sure that the transmitter and receiver batteries are fully charged, and that you have the proper tools and materials to get the plane flight ready.


5.      Students are expected to bring and use their own fuel.


6.      Students with a 72 MHz transmitter ( The older type with the long antenna.)  should take the transmitter to the transmitter impound (the rack with the frequency pin board) without turning it on.  The transmitter may be removed from the impound area ONLY when you have the pin that matches your transmitter channel.  This does not apply to the newer type 2.4 GHz transmitters ( The ones with the short antennas.).

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