Flight Simulators

Flight simulators are an excellent  tool for practicing flight techniques and are highly recommended. Simulators use sophisticated software that runs on a PC type computer ( There is one version that will run on Macintosh computers.) with a controller connected to the computer, usually by way of a USB cable.

There are many flight simulators available from downloadable Internet freeware, to low cost units that use a mouse or a game controller for inputs, to full featured versions that come with a controller that looks and functions  like  a regular transmitter or will use your transmitter ( with special cables to connect to the PC).

It is generally agreed that simulators with transmitter like controllers give the most realistic simulation of flying an RC airplane or helicopter.  Among those that either come with transmitter like controllers, or will use your transmitter, products from two vendors,  RealFlight and Phoenix, are excellent choices.  Real Flight comes in a lower cost “Basic” version, and a full version that contains more airports, planes, and helicopters.  As with any purchase, read product offerings, reviews, and specifications carefully as well as talk to RC pilots who have used flight simulator software, before buying.

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